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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Storm damages.

They say time is money, in farming time is yield. In our area, planting too early can give as result in rotten seed, planting too late may not get you as much yield as you could otherwise have. Different seeds require different maturing times. In northern areas we choose shorter season seeds (seeds that require less time to mature). However, it is always a "gamble" how much sun or rain we will have, at what time intervals the rain will fall. What the temperatures will be and so on. Math precious records and statistics can help us as to the possibilities in the future; however, there are always exceptional conditions that will present a new challenge to farmers. 

A hail damaged field hope the corn can still grow
We have had an exceptional wet year, as I write this we have had in a couple of weeks a couple of days of sunshine, the rest has been as I call it "London type weather" Rain is something farmers look forward to because it saves us many "rounds" of watering with our pivots. I should add rain saves many thousands of dollars on the energy to pump the water, and on the motors for the pivot wheels, whether they are moved with electricity, natural gas, ethanol fuel or biodiesel. 

One little corn seedling I could find
Close up of the hail holes

 Tree damage from hail

The soil showed where hail hit.

Commenting with neighbor about the storm.

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