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Friday, August 19, 2011

Laundry time in the Farm...!!!

It's such a "mundane" chore in modern times. Some people send their laundry to a "professional service" in the farm we have had a uniform service besides being expensive, unlike many people I enjoy the challenge of a grease stain under lots of mud on pants that can stand by themselves... and don't even get me started about those pants that come from the hard work of organically fertilizing our fields, or having a disagreement with a pivot wheel. 

When I farm I don't seem to get as dirty but then again, I kind of chicken out when it comes to grease or the acid of a battery, I have some real works of art by my husbands' immeasurable artistic talent with battery acid on denim as art media.

Having the right tools is basic when it comes to laundry. I have seen pictures of Pioneers with their Montgomery Ward catalog manual washing machine. High efficiency appliances have made things so much easier! I had my dryer break down (it was already used and a "hand me down" 17 years ago) and boy did I miss it! Not having a dryer takes so much more work to dry clothes, iron, let them dry a little more and with the very humid days we've had I even had complaints on the "smell" of the laundry.

Every time I go to my laundry room I marvel at how the Pioneers had "laundry day" as a family they boiled clothes, hit them on rocks or used boards to rub them on (I grew up learning how to do this as well in my country) and it really took a whole day for a pioneer family to do what I probably can finish by myself in a couple of loads these days. We definitely live in fantastic times for laundry chores... what we will see in the future in the Laundry industry...probably hand-in-hand with other modern tools in other industries.   

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