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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Break at the Farm

The beautiful exhibit we visited last Wednesday just in time for Easter Triduum "The Glory of Ukraine" amazing treasures that are a testament to what human kind can accomplish and how difficult a road Christianity had to travel.

The art and significance of the artifacts included in the exhibit are amazing, the workmanship and detail of the works from clay and iron to gold and semi precious stones. Humans can endure so much! Humans can produce amazing works! Some of the works from a few years after the time of the coming of Christ and when Christians were considered as "revolutionaries", troublemakers. Until Emperor Constantine Declared Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire with the edict of Milan. The very fact that by 390 Christianity had become Rome's official religion is an Amazing accomplishment!

Agriculture has had an amazing development from the times of Christ to our modern times. We are so blessed with modern methods, practices and technology they all make our lives so much better. Each farmer feeds so many more people than in the times of Christ! The tools we have now were almost absolutely inconceivable in the times of Christ! We are so very blessed with everything we do, the tools we have to do it and the fantastic freedom to celebrate our Religious Holidays! Happy Easter!

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