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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family time & sharing talents in Rural Areas

What a blessing we have to live in the farm. Nevertheless it has its challenges. We dedicate our Sunday to prepare for Mass, help out in church reading or with music services that our kiddos prepare. Our instrument of choice has been violin and Viola, our house is very small so they're easy to store. Yesterday we were fortunate to have the opportunity to take them (and that they were accepted) to a program of violin/viola seminar at one of the Universities a couple of hours away.
Helping our children develop their talents into the service of God and others is one of our most important family priorities. Moms were able to be present at the class and learn techniques to help the players as well. Playing an instrument is a skill that is not easy as we get older. It is also a skill that keeps our minds fresh.

My head was sure spinning with so much information yesterday! It was so worth it to have a change of pace. At the same time I could not help but reflect in the tough economic times and how many art and music programs in the different Universities are being cut. We love how the 4H program through the Extension division of the University promotes a talent show where rural kids can also have an event where they can share their work with others. 4H programs are very beneficial for Rural Communities.

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  1. I wanted my nephew to play the cello but alas, he chose a brass instrument -- the baritone. He's great and I love it but I secretly wish he'd pick up the cello! LOL